All Join Hands Canada

Promoting Gay Square Dancing in Canada

Who Are We?

All Join Hands Canada is a registered charitable organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the art of LGBTQ* square dancing and other associated dance forms in Canada.

What Do We Do?

We are passionate about square dancing and we want to make sure everyone in the LGBTQ* community has the opportunity to try it for themselves, to see how much fun it can be, and how fulfilling it can be, to be part of a supportive and inclusive envonment.

Why Square Dancing?

Dancers in a square

The benefits of square dancing are myriad and include all sorts of health and mental benefits including, but not limited to:

  • Greater lung capacity

  • Improved muscle tone, bone density and joint flexibility

  • Improved balance and coordination

  • A great way to meet and make new friends.

  • Improved memory

  • Stress relief

Ok, But Why GAY Square Dancing?

Triangle Tarts Square DancersLGBTQ* individuals have, in the past, had difficulties integrating into “straight” square dance clubs. The establishment of the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs and the 50+ clubs they support across North America has offered a more accepting environment for LGBTQ* people, and their allies, to express themselves without fear of shame or judgement.

The faster pace, higher energy and stylized dance moves that are typical of gay square dance clubs are an excellent opportunity for personal growth and acceptance and this is why it is so important to help promote and advance this important cause.

Where Did We Come From?

All Join Hands (USA) was founded in 2002 to help promote  square dancing in the United States and you can read all about their history on their website.

In 2012 All Join Hands Canada was founded in order to offer Canadian square dance organizations the same benefits as their US counterparts already enjoyed. It operates across Canada and works with all levels of dance clubs and associations.

Who Do We Help?

There are numerous places where we get involved to help promote our activity including at the club level, working with the Ottawa Date Squares, the Toronto Triangle Squares and the Squares Across the Border group in Vancouver.

All Join Hands Callers TableWe also offer financial assistance to new dancers so that they can attend their first square dance convention or fly-in at a reduced cost and we help fund the Gay Caller’s Association to make learning to call a more affordable option.

What Can You Do?

Waving Square Dancers

There are many ways that you can help us promote square dancing and make a real difference in the lives of LGBTQ* individuals.

  • Attend a convention or fly-in
  • Participate in an intro dance night
  • Sponsor square dance events
  • Donate